Window Cleaning

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Why America's Best Window Cleaning?

America's Best Window Cleaning takes pride in providing over 3 decades of high-quality, professional, and safe window cleaning services.

We provide both residential and commercial window washing services, which include high-rise buildings. We are a well-established, family-owned corporation, and the name you can trust for all your window cleaning needs.

More importantly, we are insured, safe, and heavily focused on getting the job done right. Our window cleaning crews are highly experienced and professional.

Window Cleaning services by the professionals. The right team and the right equipment makes all the difference.
America's Best Window Cleaning has been providing both residential and commercial window cleaning services for over 3 decades.
Our window cleaning professionals always use the best quality products on your windows to ensure that the job is done right the first time around.

Residential Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows in your home can be dangerous and time consuming, not to mention the streaks and haze that may be left behind after all your hard work. So we say “leave the window cleaning to our trained professionals.

When we are done, we guarantee your windows will be clean. If you should notice any streaks, spots, or haze, give our office a call so we can come out to take care of it for you.

We offer a risk free window washing guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work or we will either redo the job or refund your money. Who else in the window cleaning industry would be so bold to offer that kind of guarantee.

The ABWC Experience

The experience starts when you first call. Whenever possible, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you an estimate for your window washing project right over the phone. Our window cleaning technicians will arrive and confirm the price with you prior to starting the job. After confirmation of the window cleaning price, they will begin to clean your windows in accordance to our safety and customer satisfaction guidelines. After the job is complete we ask that you examine the job to ensure the crew did not miss anything. If you notice anything after we leave, give our office a call so that we can take care of it for you.

The ABWC Procedure

All the window cleaning supplies we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We clean all interior glass with our special window cleaning solutions and a squeegee.

The exterior glass is cleaned in one of two ways:

  1. With the window cleaning solution and ladders for up to 3 stories; or
  2. With our repelling gear from the roof down; or
  3. With our state of the art Tucker Poles.

Tucker Poles allow us to clean your windows from the ground. Tucker Poles make the job safer for our window cleaning crew, keeping them from risking a fall from ladders. In addition, we use deionized water with Tucker Poles so your windows will be spot-free after we are done. This is a great method for homes on the hill side and windows that are hard to access because of tile roofs.

Commercial Window Cleaning

America's Best window cleaning is very popular within the commercial sector. Our clients range from schools and hospitals to property managers and high-rise building owners/operators. Our customer service and dedication to our commercial clients is not easily matched.

We consider safety to be one of our top priorities. We assign only the most qualified, experienced, and safety-conscious team members to clean commercial property windows. When cleaning windows on low-rise buildings (up to 4 stories), we can use ladders, lifts, or scaffolding. However, the most common method we use is our water fed poles.

A water fed pole is a system whereby the regular tap water is purified removing all minerals, chemicals and any other pollutants from it. The water is then pumped through an extension pole that has a brush attached at the end of it. All the windows are cleaned using the brush and purified water. Since there are no pollutants in the water when the windows dry, they dry spot free.

Many of our window cleaning clients prefer this method as it greatly reduces the liability of cleaning multiple stories since our window cleaners never leave the ground. Also, because this method requires less time than traditional window cleaning (and time is money) we are able to save you money. Over all, this is a much safer, faster, and cheaper approach to window washing. The results are 100% guaranteed.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

America's Best Window Cleaning offers high-quality, professional services from your first call to the completion of your project. We possess many years of experience in high-rise window washing and maintenance. We carry all the required insurance policies and comply with all building and safety guidelines. In fact, we have a safety director on all high-rise window cleaning projects to ensure full compliance. All of our high-rise window cleaners are trained in everything from the bosun chair to the stage. While cleaning your windows, we take every step necessary to refrain from disrupting your tenants and their businesses. We will always use the best procedures to ensure client satisfaction on every project.

America's Best has the experience, equipment, and the right team to provide high rise window cleaning services for commercial buildings of any size
Our high rise window cleaning professionals comply with all building and safety guidelines. We always take a safety first approach.
America's Best carries the required insurance policies to protect you and our team members. High-rise window cleaning is one of our specialties.

Window Cleaning vs. Restoration

Hard water stains occur when glass has been hit over a period of time by water. The minerals in the water adhere to the glass causing what may become permanent damage.

No amount of window cleaning can get spots, streaks, or haze off of windows that have been damaged by hard water. Windows that have hard water stains must be restored or replaced.

Restoration is the process of cleaning the windows with acid, a special compound, or a resurfacing of the class with industrial diamonds. In most cases, restoration is more economical then replacing the window.

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