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A Guide to Choosing the Best West Hollywood Window Cleaning Company

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A home, or rather a building, is the greatest asset that one can own, a reason why it should be kept clean to increase its shelf life or even increase its resale value the moment you decide to dispose it. Ensuring a high degree of hygiene in and around your house is not limited to floor and carpet cleaning but rather extends to the windows as well. Professional window cleaning requires that you choose a company that has dealt with, and fully understands the business of window cleaning. With an overwhelming list of companies at your disposal, however, you need such a guide to help you settle on a cleaning company that will treat you to the best service. Here is the insight:

West Hollywood Window Washing

West Hollywood Window Washing

Consider the kind of experience that a company has 

As you understand it, window cleaning is one of the most risky jobs. It requires experience to take good care of your fragile glasses and at the same time ensure that high standards of hygiene are met. Professional window cleaning companies do not require a particular level of education to venture into this job. As such, it is their level of experience that will serve as your savior. How long have they done this job and what kind of windows have they cleaned successfully? Look at photos of their previous jobs and customer reviews to determine how good they are in this job. Experienced cleaners will know how well to equip their ladder so as not to damage your home.


Have you been out looking for the best West Hollywood window cleaning service? Well, you must settle for a company that is properly insured for it to be termed as a good selection. Unless a company is fully insured, you will be held accountable for any injury and damage to your property. Unless a company has a comprehensive and liability cover, you have no other way of ascertaining the seriousness with which they handle their business.


In this period of a great economic downturn, most of us will tend to make the greatest saving and therefore settle on cheaper cleaning services. Even so, never be lured by the price alone. You must ask yourself why a company is offering the cheapest rates if at all their services are upbeat. Window cleaners handle expensive pieces of glass and the slightest mistake will cost you a lot. While high charges do not necessarily mean that you get the best service, in most cases the amount that a company charges is synonymous with the quality of service that you will expect. As such, get quotes from different companies and settle for a range that is within your budget. Avoid the lowest rates because in most circumstances, they will treat you to a shoddy job and end up costing more than you had planned to spend.

West Hollywood Window Cleaning

West Hollywood Window Cleaning


There are many ways of meeting a window cleaning company, but getting referrals from a person you trust is perhaps the best option. Before you agree to hire the company, therefore, ask for the references of clients whom they have served. Take the contacts and ask all that you need to know. Be as inquisitive as possible if at all you want to make the right decision.


Licensing and insurance are two different things. Before choosing any West Hollywood window cleaning service, ensure that they are licensed to work in that area. In essence, a company should be legally allowed to work in a particular region before you entrust them with your property. Ask for their license and check its validity. By all means, avoid working with a company which is not licensed because you might collide with the state laws.

Customer Service 

The quality of customer service with which they treat you will determine how well a particular company can handle their job. Do they answer all your questions? How fast and dedicated are they in responding to your concerns. Customer service is as much a problem as the kind of cleaning services that you are seeking. As such, ensure you enter into a contract with a cleaning company which is easy to relate with. Regardless of their professionalism, they should always be there for you, with an unquestioned willingness to take instructions from you.

In summary, the quality of window cleaning service that you will receive largely depends on the type of cleaning company that you choose. Avoid the rush and make some of these essential considerations before you enter into a contract with a particular company.

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