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Tips On Finding A Reliable Window Cleaning Company

Here in San Diego, windows might seem minor at home, but they are among the most delicate. The cleanliness of the window will determine the elegance of the house. For that matter, you need to find a reliable window cleaning company. Not every company will deliver the expected results. Here is a guide that can help you find the right company to clean your windows;

• The Experience
This is one of the top factors you will need to consider when finding the company to clean your windows. Ensure that you know the length of their operation of the business. Avoid going for new businesses that are a few months old. The best thing to do is to consider the number of years that the company has been running. The business must have been in existence for at least 5 years.

We have been in the business for over 25 years and we have a deeper understanding and experience of the window cleaning services.

• Consider The Customer Satisfaction
What are the customers saying about the business? Are they treated with respect? You must ensure that the customers are fully satisfied with the services of the cleaners. The company must be available to check if there was anything that was not taken care of. The company must ensure that the customer has no complaint about the services.

Our customers are fully content with our services. After every job, we will ensure that we have contacted the customer to confirm their satisfaction. We also ensure that our cleaners have been sent to the particular site to fix the particular issue. 85% of our customers are satisfied with our services.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in San Diego

• Are They Insured?
A company that is insured is a clear indication that you will have no worries about the services that they will be offering or what can happen later. Accidents will always happen and the windows might break or someone can be injured in the process. So who will be responsible for all the damages? This is a factor that you must keep in mind.

Our company has been insured, which keeps our clients under an umbrella. In case anything happens, like anyone gets hurt or the property is damaged, we will take full responsibility. This helps you to be protected and be free from any possible emergency costs.

• Are They Professional?
Besides the experience and protection, you must confirm that the particular cleaners are professional. The way the cleaners behave will determine their level of professionalism. The cleaners must look presentable when coming to clean your windows. This will give you an assurance of a health-sensitive company. The cleaners should also report to your home with a company vehicle, at least to prove that they are of a certain company.

Our cleaners are fully trained on how to handle the clients and how to present themselves at the job site. All our cleaners are provided with the right uniform that is kept clean at all times. Also, there is a car that the cleaners use, so they will be at your location at the shortest time possible.

• Equipment
Too many people ignore this factor, but it is actually a very vital factor to keep in mind. You must be sure that the cleaners have the right equipment to carry out the particular job. The equipment must also be advanced enough, for the sake of cleaning the windows with care.

We are loaded with high tech equipments, which help us execute our job in the fastest and the safest way possible. We also use the right cleaning solutions, which will not devastate your property.

• Availability
You must be sure that the company is readily available whenever you need their service. The company should be able to offer their services any time they are needed.

We offer emergency services, which allows you to contact us whenever you need to have your windows cleaned. We understand the need of having a clean house and for that, we are dedicated to offering the most reliable services available.

In general, we are a trusted San Diego company that has been in the window cleaning business for quite some time now. We treat our clients as friends and we will also provide them with specific tips on how to perfectly take care of their windows. This ensures that they avoid the constant hiring of a cleaning professional.

Are You Looking to Hire Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

Today commercial buildings, malls as well as apartments are a facade of glass windows. And the windows must be kept clean and shining so that the building looks good. This is where you need the services of a window cleaning service. This is especially useful when you have high stories or difficult to reach areas.

San Diego Window Cleaning

San Diego Window Cleaning

Typically the window cleaning starts with a soft wash of the external glass. Next, a mild detergent is used. Care has to be taken that strong chemicals are not used as they may damage the glass. Also, a soft cloth or sponge is to be used. Any harsh metallic fibres can scratch the surface of the glass and that would require replacing of the glass, which can be very expensive.

Scaffolding is the best way to reach high and difficult areas. This is highly safe, efficient as well as economical. Of course, it does not look very good, but it will be there only for a short time as long as the window cleaning is going on. Once done, the scaffolding can be easily removed.

Primarily, windows are washed to remove the dust and grime off them. Once this is done, they must be polished. This is important as shiny windows bring a different appeal to your exteriors. You may make use of a solution of vinegar and water. The cleaning agencies have a lot of cleaning solutions for this purpose. Choose one depending on the thickness of the windows, the amount of dirt on them and the level of cleaning that is required. Many windows have been specially treated or have a film of them for sun protection, anti-glare and so on. All this has to be kept in mind while doing window cleaning for those particular windows. Hence this work is best done by professionals.