Calabasas Window Cleaning

Calabasas Window Cleaning

Calabasas, CA-

When Commercial or Residential window washing, it is imperative that one puts safety first. Although most of the chemicals used for cleaning windows today as not entirely toxic, there are those that are hazardous still; not to mention the surrounding conditions. It is therefore necessary for one to pay attention to their own personal safety and that of the people around. Through this article, we will look at the various kinds of hazards that exist and what we can do to mitigate them.

Window Cleaning Conditions and Concerns

Calabasas Window Cleaning

Calabasas Window Cleaning

This should be your very first concern, especially is it is a residential or commercial job in Calabasas, CA cleaning job. You should know:

– How high the windows are from the ground. The height determines the kind of access equipment to be used.

– You should also be concerned about the kind of surfaces your access equipment will rest on. Make an informed judgement whether or not these surfaces are strong enough to hold both the equipment and the worker.

– You should also run a complete assessment of the ground condition under the equipment. If the area is muddy or sloppy, how best can you set up your access equipment so that it remains stable and not prone to slippage or collapse? Additionally, you should try to think of the worst case scenario: which is,should you unfortunately fall, what is it you will land on?

– The kind of weather you are cleaning in really matters as well. Rainy and windy weather tend to be the most dangerous.

Window Cleaning Safety

Being prepared for any outcome is one of the best policies to take when it comes to dealing with safety. Although you do not expect to fall or to injure yourself or others, it always pays to know, off the top of your head, what you will do should the worst happen. Here are simple safety tips for those rare moments when the unfortunate happens as you clean your windows.

– Make a plan for the steps you will take in case of an emergency (do you have a first aid kit? Are you in contact with a rapid response ambulance unit? Do you know CPR?)

– If it is a commercial job, you should always make sure that you employ qualified workers. People who have some training on using the kind of window cleaning equipment needed. You should also consult with your workers on the kind of equipment they feel comfortable using during their cleaning runs.

– When working on levels that are high off the ground, you should always take frequent breaks. This mostly applies to people using ladders. The rule of thumb is to take breaks every 30 minutes if you are working from a ladder.

– Additionally, when using a ladder, always reposition it before reaching to clean another window. Overreaching is one of the easiest ways to fall.

– If you are using new or hired equipment, ensure that you know how to assemble and dismantle them safely.

It is very easy to assume everything will be okay when cleaning windows, but slippage and falls are more common than you think. Especially if you do not take the necessary precautions to prevent them.